Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm back! sorry it has been a long time. I kinda lost my sewing and blogging mojo this summer. But I am back in the swing of things now and here is my latest creation.

Niece #1 loves Dora, she is just over the moon for her. I made her a Dora dress and she wears it all the time. So her birthday is tomorrow and like the good procrastinating auntie that I am I waited until tonight to make her present. This is the dress that Dora wears in "Dora's Fairytale Adventure"

I did add purple on the arms to define the puffs a bit, and pink at the waist so that the fit would be adjustable. I think that I got close to what Dora wears. What do you think?

Oh crud I forgot the hat. Oh well I will make one tomorrow. Maybe.

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