Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me Made may Review

So May is come to a close and I am so happy to have survived it! Here is a review of the handmade things I wore this month.

First up Shirts and Tops:

Of all these tops I only like to wear the yellow and mint back buttons and the eggy shirt. I would say its a bust on the tops this time around.

Next up Dresses:

I will say that this month made me fall in love with dresses again. They are so easy to make and they require little matching to make a complete outfit.

Well I dint have as many Me Made things as I thought starting this month out, and some things are winter stuff, but I thought I did a good job!

I cant wait until Self Stitched September!

MMM Days 29,30 and 31

So Tuesday I wore my Polka Dot Shirt terrible picture I know but I had no one to snap one.

Wednesday I got off my tushie and fixed the zipper in my Easter Dress and wore it to church!

And today we had a water fight at my house so I wore this shirt and some shorts. But I am all wet so I didn't take a picture today.

Well that is all the month of May!


I am so proud of myself I only had 2 days of non-me made stuff. I will do a review post later but I am so happy to be done!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MMM Days 26, 27 and 28

So Saturday I went yard sailing with my friend Maria. We had a great time and I got some awesome deals!
Unfortunately I was going to wear a new sheet dress that afternoon, but the front bodice would not be modest! I ripped out the seam 3 times before I threw up my hands in defeat. So I wore a shirt and shorts from old navy instead. I am hanging my head in shame.

But on Sunday in honor of Memorial Day I wore my Martha Dress and my new white cardigan (church is super cold) to church!

I love this dress and the new cardigan fit perfectly!

So on Monday I wasn't feeling well so I wore my sumo pajama pants around most of the day. I don't have a picture of these and I probably will never take one. So you will just have to live with disappointment.

Friday, May 25, 2012

MMM Days 24 and 25

So yesterday I was feeling a bit sluggish so I threw on my Birthday Dress and I felt all better lol.

And today I finished sewing a sheet dress and I tried to improve the fit with darts but it ended up squishing my boobs and making me feel out of breath. Weird. I think I will pass this one on to a person with less upstairs than I have.

On another note here are some creations that I forgot about in my last post:

My darling Girl Scout needed a dress for school, she was going to be Isabella of Spain.

I made this dress in 48 hours. Just sayin'. You cant see it but there are pearls hand sewn on the neckline waist and front lace.

She looks so happy!

And this dress I made for the lovely Charlotte for her 2nd Birthday. (Shame on you Maria, you know what you did)

And a close up of the sash where I embroidered her name:

Thats all for now Folks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Other Sewing....

I know that I have been rather unimaginative with my Me Made May posts, but I have been busy just not sewing garments for myself.

I finished this quilt that I started I'm sure over a year ago. The squares were in a pack and they were in the clearance section at Walmart and I couldn't resist.

This quilt (with the cute legs) was one that I started many many years ago. So many years that I have named it the Procrastinator's Quilt.  The fabric caught my eye at Walmart (hey I was young I didn't know any better) and I got the pattern from a quilting website. Once I finished my lovely husband put up our new shelf in our bedroom and that's where this quilt was put up.

So Last night Emily says to me I want to match my doll tomorrow, so after much debate I made a pair of pants to match her doll's pants and new shirts for both of them.

She is very happy with the result.

This next dress I made for a friend. Her daughter had to be Anne Boleyn in a "living wax museum" for school. She picked the fabrics and I sewed it up for her:

And Last and defiantly Shortest, my niece needed a new birthday dress and I had this remnant just laying around the house. Accidentally made it too long but that means more room to grow into!

Well I am worn out just making this post!

MMM Days 20,21 and 23

Monday I wore this shirt and some jeans:

 Tuesday I wore this top and some jeans:

I think I am the most boring Me Made may person ever! But these pieces are just so comfy my hand automatically reaches for them in the morning.

Today was Miss Emily's Awards and Field Day and I wore this outfit:

The cardigan is new I got it for 1$ at a yard sale this weekend. I am not sure the style looks good with this dress but the color is spot on!
Hold on for just a minute and I will have the post I promised you about all my non Me Made sewing this month.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM Days 18,19 and 20

On Friday I wore hand me downs most of the day but wore my sumo pajama pants and I say that counts!

Saturday I wore my sheet dress. I love this dress its very comfy and easy to throw on.

Today (Sunday) I reached way far back in my closet and found this lovely gem that was a toile for the Simplicity 9891 pattern. The shoulders of course are a problem but I think I will just throw on a cardigan.

Well that's all for now stay tuned for a post about things I have NOT been wearing this month :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

MMM Days 14,15,16 and 17

Okay almost caught up!Monday was an amazing lay about the house day, so I wore the wadder shirt.

Its still sooooo ugly. Moving on......

Tuesday I cant remember what I did but I know I wore this shirt and some jeans:

There are still some fixes I need to make to this pattern, like move the bust darts down a bit, but other than that its comfy.

Wednesday I went on my weekly jaunt to grandma's and help her fix up her porch and swing so that she can read and nap out there on sunny days. We came up with a great idea of hanging a shower curtain on the backside of the swing (That side is where the rain comes from) so that she will stay nice and dry. Anyway I got home and all cleaned up and ready for church and it turned a little chilly so I wore this jacket with a white shirt and jeans.

Yesterday I wore the minty polka dots again, sorry no new picture but here is the old one:

That's all for now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MMM Days 11, 12 and 13

So I'm sorry for the lag, I thought I lost my iPod and that's what I take all my pictures with at the moment, But happily it was found last night!

So Friday night was the mini camp out at our Troop Leader's backyard. All the girls had a wonderfully lovely time, we had s'mores and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked, and even though the train came thru at 3AM, (3AM PEOPLE) none of the girls woke up. I wore 2 me made tops camping. I usually just wear these when camping because they are one of the first things I sewed and they are pretty bad in terms of construction.

Saturday after a lovely shower and car unloading we met back up with our troop for a tour of a local candy shop called Schimpffs. We had a wonderful time learning about all the antique equipment they use and got to sample the wonderful Red Hots they made right in front of our eyes! I wore my eggy shirt and you can see me on the left:

After our tour me and Miss Emily went to see my mom and grandma and brothers and we had a wonderful day together celebrating our family. (And there was a chocolate fountain involved)

The next day was Mother's Day and my Mom and I along with my 2 brothers and Miss Emily went to church and went out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Now here is where I tell you all of my shame......
I did not wear anything me made on Sunday. Not a single thing. For church I wore this lovely new yellow dress I got from Maurice's a couple of weeks ago and after everyone left on Sunday afternoon I put on my new PJ's (Mother's Day gift from Em) and vegged out for the rest of the day. And if I was a good Mom I would have a picture of all of us together, but I was too busy enjoying my family to take pictures. To all those people who manage to take pictures I am amazed at you!

Let me end this post with 2 more important posts that I think  both mothers and non mothers should read:

Rachel gives Time a swift kick in the backside for implying that we are not "Mom Enough"

Amy gives a call out to pastors on behalf of non mothers.

Friday, May 11, 2012

MMM Day 10

Wow 10 days! I honestly didn't think I would make it this far. I am so proud of myself. But there will be NO SLACKING from here on out. Well except for this post where I tell you I wore a shirt you have already seen. :)

Its a terrible picture where I look like I am thinking a bit too hard on a world problem. But  the shirt held up wonderfully in the wash and I love how minty the polka dots are! Tonight is camping and with that brings its own special set of me-mades, and my momma is coming into town to visit for Mother's Day so I will see you on Monday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MMM Day 8 and 9

Tuesday I wore this brand new maxi I was so excited about to ice cream and fabric store perusing with my Mom. My husband says its the ugliest color he has ever seen, but it brightens my day!

Tuesday night I was making a dress for someone I know (posting about that later) and I thought hey! Since I have this pattern out I may as well try it out on myself! So I reached into my stash and got out one of my favorite vintage sheets ($2) and whipped this beauty up. I wore it to church wednesday and it was a big hit!

Sorry about the kinda fuzzy picture iPods don't make the best cameras. Well that's all for now folks. Stay tuned for the rest of this week!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MMM Day 7

So Monday was a work around the house day, and me and the munchkin went to Girl Scouts that night.
I decided to wear a top that is not made by me but is homemade. My husband likes to go to auctions and sometimes he stumbles upon a stash of fabrics or notions and he gets them for me. (isn't he a sweetie?) This shirt I found in a big bag of scraps. I guess the person didn't like it after they made it, oh well I love it! Its extremely comfy and soft.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM Days 4, 5 and 6

So it's been a busy busy weekend for me. Friday was Oaks Day and I wore my Martha dress. It's the red one I made from my great grandma's pattern. Sorry no photos. Sat was Derby Day and I wore a new dress from Maurice's to a party with friends, but never fear I wore a me-made. I made these pajama pants (yet to be photographed) that are wonderful! Sunday I wore my yellow checkered shirt and some jeans. Sorry about lack of photos. I will be doing better this week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MMM Day 3

Well no happy half smiling pictures of me today, because today's creation is a total wadder. Awful the color and cut and pattern all amount to a whopping pppbbbtttt.
I thought I would try out a front buttoning pattern and I had this cheery yellow in my stash, and I thought why not I will add these huge flower buttons. Well here is the wreck:

Hideous? Yes. 
Did I wear it out in public? Oh Yes.
(To be fair it was to pick my daughter up from school and I didn't get out of my car.)

This shirt is now to be used only for yucky outside projects that require a 'do not care about' shirt.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MMM Day 2

Day 2
Today was a run around day so I threw on some jeans and this new top I made from fabric that was gifted to me! I know the picture is fuzzy, but those are not polka dots they are Easter eggs!

 I had some trouble with the arm holes of this particular pattern, they were too small so I had to cut them a bit bigger. I have noticed that on most all of my vintage patterns the sleeve seam is almost off my shoulder. In some of the shirts I cant raise my arms! So I just cut the armhole bigger and that seems to help.