Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Sewathon!

So my aunt is coming up from Nashville to do Thanksgiving and I wanted to make her Christmas presents early cause I was bored today.

I made her an apron, she requested one that looked retro. Found this super cute snowflake print at Hobby Lobby in the remnant pile and with 3 almost-a-yard pieces I had some left over to make a little thing for me :) For my cousin I made a messenger bag. I found this tree print also at Hobby Lobby and I thought it was great because its not too christmassy and not girly.

So I decided that I don't like the purse that I have been hauling around, it spills stuff all the time yuck! So I made this one out of the scraps of my aunts apron!

And a close up of my new stamp! I went with my friend Debbie to my other friend Pennie's 'Stampin Up! party and I ordered this stamp and its the best thing that I have ever had. After I made these I just stamped my personal stamp and poof! everyone knows I made it. :D


  1. I love my apron. Thanks Bug! Doodle said he likes the squooshiness. :D