Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Clearing Up!

So tomorrow Emmy and I will be going on a field trip to the Louisville Zoo! This is very exciting for me because the zoo is one of my favorite places! I remember waaaaaay back when Aunt Driddle, Mom, NeNaw, Uncle Monkey and my brother and I would pile into our pile of junk and go to the zoo.

Of course I am the one with my tongue sticking out. I am super classy.

So Emmy has to wear an orange shirt to the zoo. And can she wear just any shirt? NO! I just had to make her a brand new one!

Am I the best mommy or what?
So Driddle sent Emmy some shades of purple fabric and said that it might look good as a fiesta skirt. Well here it is!

And I will never make another until I get a ruffle foot!

Well I started this on Thursday, but its now Friday. I have to go to bed cause tomorrow is the ZOO!

1 comment:

  1. Damn but I was skinny then! And I "think" Nathaniel might have been there too...but was still just a speck of!

    I'm sorry the purple didn't turn out quite right. You could always rip out the seams and save it until you get that foot?