Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purple Dress

So I went to JoAnns for the Labor Day Sale and picked up a new pattern See & Sew B5478 and a beautiful purple fabric with shiney thread running thru it. 
So here it is!

Front and Side views

Unfortunate back view, I don't know why there is a pucker at the end of the zipper, I have tried to steam and iron it out but its stuck.

I had some issues with this dress:

The neck is way to wide, I don't have football shoulders so the dress is almost falling off.
The neckline was too low for me, but I think a wider seam on the shoulder will help that.

Lets take a look at the inside.

Zipper that I am so proud of. It turned out perfectly!


Hand stitched understiching on the armholes and hem.

Well that's all for now, I have to make some jackets for work!

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