Monday, September 12, 2011

Some exciting news!

I am starting a job at a wedding dress store this week, I am super excited. I think that my skills will improve so much, and I am happy to be doing work that I love.

I went on a little trip with my In Laws and husband and Miss Emily up to Indianapolis. I saw a Hancock's and decided to hop in and see what they had. I don't usually shop at my Hancock's (shame on me) because I am on a tight budget and they are known in my area to have some of the higher prices. But when I walked in this Hancock's you could tell that it was vastly different from mine. At mine its mostly quilting fabrics and huge piles of fleece, here they had the dressmaking fabrics front and center. It was clean and well spaced. The staff was very nice, and there was always someone at the checkout and the cutting table. At my Hancock's you have to wait for someone to finish cutting and come to check you out. I was so happy with the store and Miss Em was behaving like an angel so I broke down and got some flannel for a pair of pj pants, 1 1/2 yards of an on sale purple print for a dress for Miss Em (with pink flower buttons she picked out herself) and a Halloween remnant.

Here is the skirt I made from leftovers from her zoo shirt and the Halloween remnant.

It looks so good with the zoo shirt and she enjoys wearing it!

Well that's all for now but I am trying to catch up on the stuff I have sewn in the last couple of weeks, so expect some more posts!

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  1. Ahem...that is NOT the dress I wanted to see... :/

    Ok, you know I'm just messin with