Monday, April 9, 2012

My Poor Easter Dress

So I was uninspired to make my Easter dress this year, so I procrastinated (who me? Nooooo) and didn't get started till Saturday afternoon. I used my now TNT pattern that I used for the Birthday and Purple dress, and whipped this up in about 3 hours.

The only picture I have.

So I get up early Easter morning so excited to put on my new pretty dress! I drive to church and park the car and just as I am walking in the door I feel a cold breeze on my back. So I feel back there, yup my zipper is popped. So I throw on my jacket quickly and hustle to the bathroom. I remove my dress and take a look at the zipper, I notice its off track, I think Okay thats an easy fix. I fix it and put the dress back on. As I am walking up to my sunday school class I feel that breeze again. And I give up. As soon as I sit down I text my husband to bring me a new dress. And that is the saga of my Easter Dress.

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