Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Other Sewing....

I know that I have been rather unimaginative with my Me Made May posts, but I have been busy just not sewing garments for myself.

I finished this quilt that I started I'm sure over a year ago. The squares were in a pack and they were in the clearance section at Walmart and I couldn't resist.

This quilt (with the cute legs) was one that I started many many years ago. So many years that I have named it the Procrastinator's Quilt.  The fabric caught my eye at Walmart (hey I was young I didn't know any better) and I got the pattern from a quilting website. Once I finished my lovely husband put up our new shelf in our bedroom and that's where this quilt was put up.

So Last night Emily says to me I want to match my doll tomorrow, so after much debate I made a pair of pants to match her doll's pants and new shirts for both of them.

She is very happy with the result.

This next dress I made for a friend. Her daughter had to be Anne Boleyn in a "living wax museum" for school. She picked the fabrics and I sewed it up for her:

And Last and defiantly Shortest, my niece needed a new birthday dress and I had this remnant just laying around the house. Accidentally made it too long but that means more room to grow into!

Well I am worn out just making this post!

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