Thursday, May 17, 2012

MMM Days 11, 12 and 13

So I'm sorry for the lag, I thought I lost my iPod and that's what I take all my pictures with at the moment, But happily it was found last night!

So Friday night was the mini camp out at our Troop Leader's backyard. All the girls had a wonderfully lovely time, we had s'mores and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked, and even though the train came thru at 3AM, (3AM PEOPLE) none of the girls woke up. I wore 2 me made tops camping. I usually just wear these when camping because they are one of the first things I sewed and they are pretty bad in terms of construction.

Saturday after a lovely shower and car unloading we met back up with our troop for a tour of a local candy shop called Schimpffs. We had a wonderful time learning about all the antique equipment they use and got to sample the wonderful Red Hots they made right in front of our eyes! I wore my eggy shirt and you can see me on the left:

After our tour me and Miss Emily went to see my mom and grandma and brothers and we had a wonderful day together celebrating our family. (And there was a chocolate fountain involved)

The next day was Mother's Day and my Mom and I along with my 2 brothers and Miss Emily went to church and went out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Now here is where I tell you all of my shame......
I did not wear anything me made on Sunday. Not a single thing. For church I wore this lovely new yellow dress I got from Maurice's a couple of weeks ago and after everyone left on Sunday afternoon I put on my new PJ's (Mother's Day gift from Em) and vegged out for the rest of the day. And if I was a good Mom I would have a picture of all of us together, but I was too busy enjoying my family to take pictures. To all those people who manage to take pictures I am amazed at you!

Let me end this post with 2 more important posts that I think  both mothers and non mothers should read:

Rachel gives Time a swift kick in the backside for implying that we are not "Mom Enough"

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