Thursday, May 3, 2012

MMM Day 3

Well no happy half smiling pictures of me today, because today's creation is a total wadder. Awful the color and cut and pattern all amount to a whopping pppbbbtttt.
I thought I would try out a front buttoning pattern and I had this cheery yellow in my stash, and I thought why not I will add these huge flower buttons. Well here is the wreck:

Hideous? Yes. 
Did I wear it out in public? Oh Yes.
(To be fair it was to pick my daughter up from school and I didn't get out of my car.)

This shirt is now to be used only for yucky outside projects that require a 'do not care about' shirt.


  1. Put some nice pearly white buttons on it, replacing those icky flower ones, and it'll be nice!

  2. No its too wide in the shoulders and looks terrible in the shape lol