Friday, May 25, 2012

MMM Days 24 and 25

So yesterday I was feeling a bit sluggish so I threw on my Birthday Dress and I felt all better lol.

And today I finished sewing a sheet dress and I tried to improve the fit with darts but it ended up squishing my boobs and making me feel out of breath. Weird. I think I will pass this one on to a person with less upstairs than I have.

On another note here are some creations that I forgot about in my last post:

My darling Girl Scout needed a dress for school, she was going to be Isabella of Spain.

I made this dress in 48 hours. Just sayin'. You cant see it but there are pearls hand sewn on the neckline waist and front lace.

She looks so happy!

And this dress I made for the lovely Charlotte for her 2nd Birthday. (Shame on you Maria, you know what you did)

And a close up of the sash where I embroidered her name:

Thats all for now Folks!

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